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It is the time which is critical for preparing the students for their next step. By this age our pupils are becoming leaders in the school, fulfilling the roles of young adults. They get involved in their community thought projects, while in their school time they are encouraged to pursue all the activities that arc offered, at academic, sporting and personal levels, while staying focused on their goals. 9th to 12th are made up of compulsory core subjects that everyone studies, and a group of optional subjects. During this time our students develop as mentor, role model and peer support for the younger children in the school. Throughout their years at GIPS Bhadaur, we guide them to lay foundation for the creation of an adult who is comfortable articulating the views and taking on the responsibilities of a global citizen. In the final school years, classes 11th and 12th students get prepared for examinations and it is also the time that a student's maturity is empowering them to think for and beyond themselves and we consider it important for our pupils to strengthen the tools of critical thinking which GIPS Bhadaur has helped them develop over their previous years with us. Students at GIPS Bhadaurwill have reached a point in their school life in which they fully demonstrate their potential, where expectation are high and they are encouraged to make a positive contribution as leaders in our school. Our senior students are positive role models to all around them. They will have developed into the global citizens that are a credit to themselves, their parents and certainly to us here at GIPS Bhadaur. It's a difficult yet memorable time for the staff here, especially those who have known students as they have grown into amazing young men and women that they have become. This is the bittersweet year when we say goodbye to them, and they enter their new status as graduates of GIPS Bhadaur.At this school we prepare students for ICSE: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and ISC: Indian School Certificate Examination.


GOBIND INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, an English medium school, established by Gobind Educational Society, Bhadaur consists of highly devoted and dedicate individuals from the different walks of the life whose primary goal is to provide a good education.

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