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This extremely well-equipped nursery succeeds in providing a very nurturing and stimulating environment where children can grow and learn through creative activities. The nursery at GIPS Bhadaur in a very short time gained an excellent reputation for its progressive and inspirational method of education for children, ageing from 2.5 to 5 years.

Nursery at GIPS Bhadaur is extremely colourful, large well lit and impeccably clean. Using the latest resources, the school nursery follows the play-way method which believes that learning is self motivated and hands on method using scientifically designed materials.

With qualified teachers in every class up to 2 years,it hasa remarkable statistic of having (as a maximum) 33 students per class. Gobind International Public School’s aim is to provide outstanding, affordable education for children through creative play and learning experience in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. In classes 1 to 2, we build on basic skills and knowledge that the pupils have learnt in kindergarten. At GIPS Bhadaur, children are encouraged to learn about different cultures in great detail by celebrating global days, tasting new foods and sharing different traditions from around the world.

The children are excited about learning and the school is providing an excellent, positive and safe firsthand experience of education through inspirational activities.


GOBIND INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, an English medium school, established by Gobind Educational Society, Bhadaur consists of highly devoted and dedicate individuals from the different walks of the life whose primary goal is to provide a good education.

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