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The Middle School years, Classes 6 to 8 are critical for the students as they adapt to the changes from Primary to Secondary styles of instruction which support their independent learning and focus more on inquiry and assessing information for its relevance. Our all subject teachers are experts in facilitating this transition and the differing teaching methods that are required. Students in these years will have core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Sports, these being the foundation for the later 1Oth and12th Exam in Upper School. Students in this age group really begin to experience the ethos and vision of the school and their part in upholding it. They are given greater responsibility and with this come accountability. They begin to see themselves as role models for the younger students and they participate more in the daily lives of the Primary pupils. We fully meet the aims of the CISCE, New Delhi curriculum requirements for this age group, focusing on our students to become successful, responsible and confident young people here at GIPS Bhadaur. Everything that our teachers do has the sole focus of students achieving their continued growth, academically, physically and socially.


GOBIND INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, an English medium school, established by Gobind Educational Society, Bhadaur consists of highly devoted and dedicate individuals from the different walks of the life whose primary goal is to provide a good education.

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