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"We need to out-educate, out-innovate and out-build for our future generations." -President Barack Obama

It is the seeds that we sow first. Once the sprouts are out, we care for it- give it water- fertilize it, nurture it and provide all possible environment for it to grow. Education is not different. We build everything from the base, the primary levels. It is the incubator for the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. The challenge for primary school educators is to prepare young minds and help them adapt to the situations. The future of a child is totally depending on the primary education. It will boost the kids' self-confidence and offer them the skills they need for the long success in this competitive world. At GIPS, the competent teachers of primary classes are on this mission. We are proud to say that out little children are evaluated not only academically but also on various skills which they acquire over the period of time by following this Innovative teaching method. They not just grow, but develop-mentally, physically and emotionally.

We hope with good cooperation from parents and active involvement of teachers, we would be able to bring up students who would excel in different walks of life making them a better person, above all a better citizen.


GOBIND INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, an English medium school, established by Gobind Educational Society, Bhadaur consists of highly devoted and dedicate individuals from the different walks of the life whose primary goal is to provide a good education.

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